Nakadi Fasalein

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Soil solarization is an environmentally friendly method of using solar power for controlling pests such as soil borne plant, pathogens including fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and insect and mite pests along with weed seeds and seedlings in the soil by mulching the soil and covering it with tarp, usually with a transparent polyethylene cover, to trap solar energy. It may also describe methods of decontaminating soil using sunlight or solar power. This energy causes physical, chemical, and biological changes in the soil.

Hindi Title
नकदी फसलें
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Cash Crop is a crop that mainly grown in revenue. It is grown for commercial value rather than for use by the grower. Generating revenue through these crops is also called commercial farming. The farming methods, techniques and storage are different from country to country. Less knowledge about the right practices, growers can suffer a great deal of loss. In order to create awareness among growers, “Naqdi Faslein”programmes is specifically dedicated to them. Our expert’s fathom analysis and suggestions bring a clear picture about the cash crop cultivation and how can grower save the crop from adverse conditions in timely manner.

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जास्मीन - नकदी फसलें (छोटा एपिसोड) - 3:30 मिन
नकदी फसलें: गुलाब की खेती - स्टुडियो चर्चा
नकदी फसलें: गुलाब की खेती - पूरा एपिसोड
नकदी फ़सलें: लिली की खेती स्टूडिओ चर्चा - पूरा ऐपिसोड
नकदी फ़सलें: लिली की खेती - पूरा ऐपिसोड