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Mandi Live

Mandi Live: 14th June 2016 - Full Episode

In this episode our expert Mr Abhay  Lakhwan, Mandi Watch, and Mr Ajay kedia, Kedia Comodity, Mumbai  are discussing and  suggesting the agri commodities for investors and also today's hot investment.                                                                          

According toMr Ajay kedia, Kedia Comodity, Mumbai Investors can do trading in Mentha and Jeera.

Invest in Mentha on selling side at level of Rs 835 and maintain Stoploss of Rs 848 and Target of Rs 815.

Invest in Jeera on buying side at level of Rs 17200 and maintain Stoploss of Rs 16900 and Target of Rs 17600.

मंडी लाइव: 14 जून 2016 - पूरा एपिसोड

इस एपिसोड में हमारे एक्सपर्ट श्री अभय लाखवानमंडी वॉचऔर श्री अजय केडियाकेडिया कमोडिटी,मुम्बई निवेशको को सलाह देते हुये।

हमारे एक्सपर्ट श्री अजय केडिया, केडिया कमोडिटी, मुम्बई के अनुसार आज के कारोबारी सत्र मे आप मेंथा और जीरा मे कारोबार कर सकते हैं ।

मेंथा बेचें रु 835स्टॅापलाॅस रु 848 और लक्ष्य रु 815।   

जीरा खरीदे रु 17200, स्टॅापलाॅस रु 16900 और लक्ष्य रु 17600। 

About The Show

Mandi live is a daily show that looks into commodity markets as it features the recent updates on the market. It keeps an eye on the Agro-commodity prices on daily basis; This show also offer productive expert tips and information to the viewers for maximum returns on the edible oils, spices, grains and all Agro-commodities.