About Us

70% of India’s 125 crore population lives in rural and semi urban areas. And yet, 99.99% of video entertainment and information content is aimed at an urban audience. Thankfully, today there’s one private channel focussed on the lives and issues of rural India.
GreenTV is India’s premier rural and agricultural Channel, dedicated to delivering content to rural and small town communities which is tailored for and targeted at them, providing them with information and also providing them with relevant entertainment. In the process Green TV also helps in spreading greater awareness amongst the rural/semi-urban audience, supporting their growth and education.
As a rural development channel, GreenTV provides analysis on issues of local and international importance in agriculture and allied services - involving biotechnology, farm mechanization, crop protection, horticulture, animal husbandry, food processing, agribusiness research, high tech agriculture etc.
The shows not only provide knowledge in the latest technologies and scientific advances in the agricultural sectors, some of the programming also captures market scenarios and political & economic news that impacts the industry.
GreenTV has also taken upon itself the mandate of becoming a vehicle for dissemination of information used by the government. It is our intention to make sure that rural India is not left out of the development that the rest of the country is seeing, and that our villages see the full benefit of whatever is being routed for them through the authorities.
While this may lead you to think that GreenTV is a purely agriculture related channel, that’s not true. Green TV also provides provide entertainment and support for women and children, educating them about sanitation and spread environmental awareness. In short, Green TV could be called rural India’s 1st GEC.